Made to Measure Suits

In five processes your Conte di Savoia made to measure suit is born

Choose a fabric and lining from our collection.
Our bunches include over 120 fabrics plus a vast selection of linings in vibrant colours, whether it is twill, satin or a changeant, plain, stripe or pattern Conte di Savoia has something for every taste.







Get the perfect fit for business or a special occasion. Select from our standard make which is fused, with bridal tape and a floating chest piece or super grade with half canvas and stitched chest felt plus padded lapels.








Enhance your suit and make it unique by choosing style details such as a real hole cuffs, coloured shams to match the lining, a contrast Colombia stitch around the inside of the jacket lining, straight or piano facings or different lapel styles and widths. The choice is endless.







Your garment is hand pressed after each phase of manufacture to help it mold around your body shape. The final touches are made, a beautifully shaped ‘corozo nut button is sewn on and the garment passes through its final quality check.








Our dedicated team of tailors and your choice have created a unique and personal suit to fit you perfectly.