About Gio

GROWING up in Bedford was, and is to this day a bit like growing up in a small part of Italy. Not withstanding the obvious fact that it’s a town somehow and peculiarly located in the centre of the British Isles. About 30% of Bedford’s population has links to Italy with its strongest ties being to the southern most regions: Campagnia, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily.

The London Brick Company attracted immigrants to Bedford during the 50s and I guess it’s just developed from there.

Being of Italian heritage myself and having lived in parts of Italy at various stages of my life I suppose I’m a mixture of cultures and to be honest there’s a lot of things to love about both our countries and cultures. For instance it is clear to me that ‘food’ has become Italy’s greatest export, but clearly fashion remains a phenomenon and represents a huge part of their economy. Fashion also keeps the Italians at the forefront of style and all things chic. Brands such as Gucci, Armani, Prada and D&G are forever pushing boundaries and they help to drive fashion the world over.

Love Of Fashion

For my part I’ve always loved fashion and pursued a style all of my own which has always had a strong Italian influence. I’ve always loved that classic Italian look from the 50s and 60s and appreciate the good quality, good fit and good style that made it such an iconic period in our history.
I think it’s fair to say that I’ve lived a colourful life so far, with experiences as varied and extreme as acting, which included a role as an extra in Eastenders, to a film ‘double’ for 007 Pierce Brosnan, along with a brief spell as a boxer. It was during a trip to Tunisia last year acting as a bodyguard to a dear friend of mine that I first came into real contact with the world of fashion and garment manufacturing. My interest had been piqued. Tunisia has been in turmoil for a while and although my presence was merely precautionary I really got in touch with the vibe of this fantastic country.

The History

Historically, Tunisia became a French Colony in the 1880’s but long before then had always had important historical and commercial ties with Italy. Today Tunisia serves as a fast and efficient manufacturing hub that supports the Italian fashion industry with its strong and cost effective manufacturing work force. I discovered that there are many clothing factories located in Tunisia and many operate under the control of European management teams and having never been inside a clothing factory myself, up to this point what really surprised me was how labour intensive the whole process is to this very day.

The Launch Of Conte Di Savoia Clothing

Where other industries have benefited from advancements in innovation during recent decades the clothing industry has buy and large remained non automated and very labour intensive. Fabrics are still laid up by hand; panels are cut out by scary and lethal looking cutting machines and lengthy lines of local women assemble garments by sewing the panel pieces together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.
With all this info buzzing around in my head and with a new business partner who already has a well respected reputation making garments for the high end Italian fashion industry in a state-of-the art factory I decided to launch ‘Conte di Savoia Clothing’ .
Before making the selection for our range and styles of clothing I felt a good indication would be to wear the garments along with some accessories. Important for me was feedback from friends and people in general commenting on my look. Just hearing: “Love your trousers” or “Where do you buy your shirts” spoke volumes for me and helped finalise our range of clothing and accessories we offer. High end, but affordable designer clothing that matches the quality and style of the biggest fashion brands.

A Unique Blend

We have achieved a unique blend of Italian and English fashion and made it accessible to all! All our shirts are completely exclusive to us in both quantity and design, as they are made from remaining fabric used to cut and make the top designer shirts. If you would like an individual look, wearing your shirt knowing that it’s a one off, we here at Conte di Savoia can offer you this experience at very affordable prices.

Like so many of us, I have been a victim of overpriced designer labels thinking I was buying into something special, and made purely by so called designers at his/her owned state of the art factories with highly skilled employee’s that make these designer items of clothing in a way that the highly marked prices were easily justified. But after my recent experiences this has shattered all those previous beliefs and left me disappointed at the amount of money I’d spent buying into a brand that is cleverly marketed by models and famous people being paid huge amounts of money.

Exclusive Style

Unique styles designed by and made exclusively for Conte Di Savoia Clothing

Expert Support

Highly knowledgeable and passionate support to help you make the right choice

Quality Guaranteed

Every item of clothing is quality guaranteed – no questions asked.